Results from previous deployments




Task Force Allocation Management    Automotive

  • Supervising of the supply, performance and delivery situation along the supply chain
  • Implementation of integrated tracking- and management tool with focused suppliers
  • Improvement of on-time-delivery of critical supplier
  • Communication and moderation with internal and external stakeholder
  • Process optimization with supplier at two sites
  • Identification of deviations,
    elaboration of root causes and problem solving

Setup of online seminars

  • Online seminar “Strategic Planning and sustainability of results”
  • Market analysis regarding alternatives to on-site project work
  • Requirement analysis to online seminars
  • diverse marketing- and sales activities

Production optimization for medical technology company

  • Splitting of production of a medical products manufacturer into high volume and low volume / protiotypes production in combination with dynamic S&O planning.
  • Optimization of product quality and productivity (EBIT), as well as lead time, availabilty, on-time-delivery and team motivation
  • Implementation of autonomous workgroups based on Hancho concept
  • Setup and implementation of a value stream organization with integrated Supply Chain Management
  • 1st prize of corporate contest Operational Excellence
  • EBIT  improvement
  • Introduction of value stream analysis and design
  • Project analysis -planning -execution
  • Coaching of multi-cultural technical experts and management
  • Elaboration and implementation of organizational changes
  • Incorporation of support functions including Customer Service
  • Integration of Supply Chain Management
  • Counseling regarding strategic alignment
  • Introduction of balanced production with semi-autonomous teams
  • Team- and organizational development
  • Transfer of insights to plant planning project

Group Director Lean Business at international machine building group

  • Implementation of business goals by means of team- and project-based optimization activities
  • Development and realization of an implementation roadmap for the focused areas
  • Achievement of measurable and cost-effective effects (EBIT)
  • Start of a culture change towards a learning organization
  • Intentionally demanding and promoting this change by the managers
  • Setup of lean competence in line organization with specialists and managers
  • Initiation of a professional change process in the company
  • Requirements for flexible, robust and transparent processes
  • Better understanding of the overall process among those involved in the process
  • Transformation from a function-oriented to a value stream-oriented organization.

Participation in the development and implementation of the corporate strategy

  • Strategic management process
  • Implementation of the policy deployment by the organizational levels
  • Breaking down business goals down to the team level
  • Creation and implementation of strategic initiatives to achieve goals
  • Adaptation and further development of the Corporate Business System
  • Matching of the requirements of the parent corporation with the requirements of the Coperion Group

Development of lean capacities within the group

  • Training and coaching of lean officers in the local companaies
  • Coaching of specialists and executives in the organization
  • Introduction of a group-wide lean network with regular exchange of experiences

Mentoring of process and performance improvements

  • Introduction of standard procedures for project and team-based improvement activities
  • Execution of value stream analyzes, elaboration and prioritization of optimization potentials, creation of implementation roadmaps
  • Implementation of the measures aligned to the business goals with proof of effectiveness and monitoring of hard and soft savings
  • Introduction of visualization and measurement systems (KPI-system)
  • Execution of project-related open and hidden coaching for executives
  • Monitoring of the organizational and mental change process

Lean transformation of a commercial vehicles manufacturing company

  • Introduction of standard operation procedures and  shopfloor management
  • Optimization of planning, programming and forecast processes
  • Colaboration in the setup of configuration management
  • Grasp the current state
  • Elaboration of best practise with the teams
  • Introduction of  shopfloor management
  • Executing/Supervision of problem solving activities
  • Sustain new methodology within the organization

International Lean transformation with a 1st Tier-automotive supplier in Germany and Spain

  • Increase of productivity
  • Boost of First-Pass-Yield
  • Cutback of quality costs
  • Reduction of lead time
  • Optimization of Logistics
  • Grasp of current state and elaboration of desired state / future state
  • Priorization and realization of optimization measures in order to achieve the superordinated company objectives
  • Ensure sustainabilty of results

Optimization of planning and production of food packaging

  • Improvement of equipment utilization
  • Reduction of chang over time
  • Optimization of lead time by transition to flexible production
  • Optimization of planning and programming of the order-management-process
  • Grasp the current state
  • Execution of a potential analysis and a plan for raising these
  • Realization of workshops regarding changeover time optimization
  • Reorganization of Sales- and Operation Planning

Implementation of  Lean Production with a manufacturer of turbines for hydraulic power plants in Argentina

  • Encrease of productivity
  • Optimization of equipment effectiveness
  • Reduction of downtime
  • Grasp of current state
  • Execution of a potential analysis and a plan for raising these
  • Setup of lighthouse areas
  • Sustainable implementation of Shopfloor Management including coaching of technicians and management

Optimization of spare parts logistics with a manufacturer of commercial vehicles


  • Inventory reduction of spare parts
  • Optimization of order management process
  • Reduction of lead time from reception-of-order to delivery
  • Analysis of data regarding turnover rate, replenishment lead time and  portfolio
  • Elaboration of alternatives to replenishment and execution strategies
  • Standardization of order reception process

Lean Warehouse Project with a pharmaceutical company in Switzerland


  • Reorganization of warehouse areas
  • Optimization of inventory
  • Reduction of lead time
  • Analysis of sales, logistics and production data
  • Grasp current state and
  • Execution of a potential analysis
  • Elaboration of future state processes for logistics including IT, also of new layouts

Training and coaching of management and setup of Lean experts with a electrical tool manfacturer in Mexico

  • introduction and stabilization of Lean fundamentals
  • Practising implemantation of 5S in the production areas
  • Incorporation of executives
  • Execution of Lean fundamentals workshops
  • Introduction of visual management
  • Start of practical problem solving

Implementation of TPS based, proprietary production system with a european aircraft manufacturer in Germany

  • Optimization of material and information flow, layout und visualization
  • Theorectical and practical training of Lean specialists
  • Setup of Lean as an intrument of collaborative leadership
  • Improvement of prodictivity in production and logistics areas
  • Preparation of internal Lean-Learning-Academy
  • Value stream analysis for production, logiostics, design and administration
  • Bottleneck analysis and priorization of activities
  • SWOT analysis, design, qualification, quantification and priorization of optimization potentials
  • Preparation and support of Kaizen workshops
  • Training and coaching of all management levels within the plant
  • Know how transfer
  • Support in logistics outsourcing projects

Deep Dive analysis with optical glass fibre company

  • Elaboration of measurements for raising improvement potentials in the production area
  • Creation of a priorized implemantation plan
  • Value stream analysis
  • Future state definition
  • Incorporation of operational teams and stakeholder
  • Evaluation of current state of the Lean transformation

Lean Promotion Director with a construction machine company


  • Setup of an internal Lean organization
  • Implemantation of 5S
  • Reorganization of incoming area
  • Layout optimization of material and product flow
  • Implementation of Pull- and consignment processes
  • Supply of pre-sequenced and pre-configured assembly sets by supplieres by using standardized returnable packaging
  • Synchronization of supply areas , pre- and final assembly areas with the customer takt time in the excavator production
  • Coordinated managemant of project in the focused production sites
  • Training, mentoring and coaching of Lean Promotion Officers
  • Definition, setup and training of internal Lean experts
  • Colaboration in creation and alignment of regional activities with corporate (US) goals
  • Transition from silo to flow production by U-cells in the hydraulic cylinder production including metal processing, assembly, quality assurance and packaging
  • Involvement of national and international suppliers

Corporate Logistics Management and process ownership for engineering change management with a 1st Tier automotive supplier

  • Optimization of inventory on a group level
  • Reduction of engineering changes after start of production (SOP)
  • Cutoff of engineering change costs
  • Change management in the plants
  • Reorganization of logistics processes
  • Setup and technical leadership of all local engineering change specialists
  • Deployment and training of Lean management methods
  • Elaboration, training and deployment of best practise standards
  • Setup of centers of competence for Lean and engineering change management

Standardization and harmonization of processes by SAP with 1st Tier automotive supplier

  • Streamline of company processes in the order-to-delivery area
  • Implementation of SAP R/3 in various national and international plants
  • Cooperation with the creation of business blueprints incorporating the requirements of the international sites for generating the global template
  • Coordination of functional and intergration tests and rollout for engineering change management in global rollouts
  • Coordination of complete rollout in the mexican sites

Implementation of Lean / continuous improvement with 1st Tier automotive supplier

  • Increase of productivity of people, machines and space
  • Reduction of changeover time , lead time and inventory
  • Setup of Lean competence center
  • Setup of lighthouse area in production area
  • Training and coaching of technicians and managers
  • Continuous scope extension to the entire plant and supply chain
  • Rollout into national und international production sites
  • Concept, design and execution of  KAIZEN workshops in production and logistics (assembly lines, pre-assemblies, plastic parts production, production supply – supply train and material supermarkets
  • Cross-company project “container management” with supplier involvement
  • Execution of Lean-Trainee-Programmes for onboarding managers