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Holistic Process Optimization

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The stages of a regular mission

Understand!  – This phase starts with listen.

When I understand the problem as well as the objectives, cooperatively with my client I can elaborate a solution concept. Beside  of personal interviews and revision of available information, the Go-To-Gemba, the shopfloor where the action takes place, is an essential part. Where are you today – where do you want to be tomorrow?

Evaluate!  – For the diagnosis all given information will be considered.

After collecting and compiling of the received informationen the big picture is generated. This will be validated with the client, aiming to get a common understanding. For this we will deploy adecuate analysis methods corresponding to the actual situation. Also the risks will be included. The base are facts and figures, also the results of the interviews and the observation at the Gemba.

Consult!  – your individual challenge deserves an individual solution.

Based on the gathered and analysed current-state and your objective the corresponding methods and tools will be choosen, the achieve the desired results. This is about the determination of improvement potentials, technical realization, indicated personnel development measures and, if indicated, organizational changes, always incorporating the stakeholders. The joint development of an implementation plan finalize this phase. The goal is a well grounded decision document.

Implement!  – Success has 3 words: JUST-DO-IT.

Out of the made decision results the implementation order. After executing a Kick-Off and the provision of the ressources, specific trainings and coachings take place for selected operative and management teams preparing them for the implementation activities. Parallel to the methodical know-how transfer the measures will be implemented by JDIs (just-do-its), workshops, Kaizens, projects or programmes. An essential part of a successful implementation is a professional change management incorporating the operators, managers, shareholders and further stakeholders.

Secure!  – Effective controlling and governance will secure the success of implementation.

An adecuate controlling indicates at an early stage deviations and problems, so that interventions can be made on time by corrective actions, for example at changes influencing condistions. Finally there are expected defined results. By a corresponding governance it is given that all activities a always aligned to the current  business objectives.

This phase will be completed by the successful transfer of the activities and the optimized processes into your daily business of your organization including  the process of continous improvement.

Further more services

Project Management!  – Quality – Cost – Time.

You have implementation projects but no time to care of it by yourself?  This include the agreement of priorities, follow up of project progress and milestones, solution or escalation of problems, encourage of decisions, as well as change management including communication and reporting.

Training!  – Treatment of technical and management topics.

From Lunch-and-Learn to multi-day seminars: beside the theoretical part the focus is always the practical implementation. The trainings take place based on the individual requirements on-site or online. Here you will see to the open seminars

Coaching!  – You will achieve your objective, I support.

As your sparring partner and observer I can give situational feedback and support you striving for your goals. Reinforce your strength and convert your (and your team’s potential) into additional power. Tested and approved specially in changing or conflictive situations.

Special tasks!  – Exceptional situations require exceptional measures.

You can probably not reserve resources for all situations. If, based on unforeseen incidents, there raises urgent need for action you will have to react immediately.

Open seminars

Please send your request for quotation!  – the following events can be realized on demand at short notice in english or spanish language:

Open seminars:
> Lean Basics
> Strategic planning and secure of results
* Due to Corona at this moment all open seminars will be online *
Please ask also for exclusive corporate events for performance improvement and personal development training.