The objective of the training is to enable your organization to execute optimizations by themselves. Therefore you have to:

  • prepare your managers to their role in the optimization process
  • provide your project teams with the best practise approch and the methodical knowledge
  • facilitate the effected stakeholder to work successsfully with the optimized processes

Beside the technical skills, also didactical and empathic skills are required.

The training program is built by modules:

  • The Lean Essentials Training forms the basis. The participants are trained to detect and analyse systematically deficiencies and waste in their daily business processes.
  • A Training Need Analysis investigates who has to be trained in what subject and how to specify the training content.
  • The Expert Trainings consist of proven and tested methods and approaches to lever the optimzation potentials with adequate measures. So you achieve the monetary as well as the non-monetary objectives.
  • In the Subject Matter Trainings we transfer and handle competent knowledge of special topics depending on your individual challenge.

Do you want more information to the Training module and their individual details?

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