Each optimization project is as good as its implementation!

In the Project Management Office (PMO) all the information are merged. From here the project responsibles keep the overview and provide meaningful information to their sponsors. Especially in multi-project-environments all the coordination and countermeasures in case of deviation from target takes places. So the project progress and success is secured.

The Coaching of technical and management leadership is the next step after the previous training phase. During the implementation the responsibles are methodically guided so that the (organizational) change process is perceived as an opportunity instead as a threat. The professional support and request of the change by the organization is an essential key success factor.

The Controlling of target achievement ensures that the right measures has been realized in the right areas. Finally, at the end of the individual project a defined result is expected. An appropriate controlling process shows deviations and problems in advance so corresponding countermeasures can be initiated.

When the initial goals are achieved, a Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) will ensure the sustainability of the gained results and a constant further development. Without this CIP the achieved would be getting lost in a short period of time. So by his you ensure your return-of-invest.

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