The project starts with the definition of the area. In general, the focus contains an entire value stream or a P&L responsibility area. Beside this also other selections are possible, from an individual process or workplace including clients and suppliers.

Grasping the as-is (current) situation form the base of the status evaluation. Here we built up a solid image of the focused area by adequate indicators and interviews.

The realization of a potential analysis based on on the previous current state demostrates the opportunities what types of performance can be improved. Doing that we stay aligned and focused to the core indicators: quality, cost and delivery.

By elaborating the should-be (target) situation together we create a picture, where you are going to be within a defined period of time. The input for this are the current state as well as the results of the potential analysis.

To achieve the desired goals it is essential to create an implementaton plan. Here the theory will be transformed into reality. If the right parameter will have been set, your success is unavoidable.

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